3 March 1747/8

1. Mary “Polly” Doddridge, Worcester, to her father, Philip Doddridge, Northampton, 3 March 3 1747 [8]. [f. 10]

Wor[cester] March ye 3: 1747

Hond Pappa

Nothing could be more acceptable than your last, I beg pardon if I was too hasty in my ferver of suspecting that you had forgot me. I had no other reason than my own unworthiness of your Favour. I am afraid I shall not answer your expectations but be ashured that I shall think it the greatest pleasure of my Life if I could be in the least conducive to your Happiness, but I am sure that my best endivers will fall far short of that Duty and Affection that I owe to my Hond and Reverend Pappa, my Good Governess [Ann Linton] is dayly layind me under frish obligations & it would be unexcusable in me to forget to send you word of it. I wish I was capable of making ansurable acknowledgement. I fear I shall tire you, so will only add Duty to Momma and Love to Brother and sister so beg leave to subscribe myself

Hond Pappa your Dutiful and Obedient

Polly Doddridge

PS. Please to excuse all Faults I would write it again but I have not time & a very bad pen

Address: To | the Revd Dr Doddridge | in | Northampton

Postmark: none

Note on front page: Letter no. 8 noted the upper right-hand corner.

Note on address page: Dear polly March ye 3d 1748 [in Mercy Doddridge's hand]