12 January 1749 [50]

4. Mary (Polly) Doddridge, [St. Albans], to her sister Mercy, [Worcester], 12 January 1749 [50]. [f. 12]

Jan ye 12 1749\50

My Dear Sister

I find myself at a loss to express how much I think myself obliged to you for your last pritey Letter indeed you charm us all by your Letters tho I don’t know whather I should not be a little angry for one I don’t love to be so much out-done & especialy by a younger sister too & so Madm I Desire that when you write to North next which by the way I hope will be very soon you will please to be a little more moddrate that when I hear your Letters read I may not be obliged to look down like a F----- & indeed if you dont dont oblige me in this respect I dont know whether I shall write to you for fear you should be turnd a critick & if you are I dont know how I shall espare I dont know a word I have wrote hear for Philly [Philip Doddridge, Jr.] & Celia make such perpetual talking Celia she is to have a letter wrote Philly he's to write it & sister is to indite it that thare is such prow & conn betwixt boath that tis imp[o]sible to know what I write but what is worse I fear you wont have a Letter at last for now thay are going to Miss Rappits Celia waited on Miss R Hill with your Complements some time agoe & Miss intimated that she should be very glad if you would please to write to her & My Mamma Desirs her most Affactinate love to you & Dear Miss Ekins & instead of a letter has sent you some Mins Pies which she thinks will be as agreeable to you boath I beg you will give my best compliments to my good Governess & let her know that I think my self very much obligd to her for the kind invitation she has been pleasd to favour me with of coming to Wor[ester] in the spring tho I bleive I cant accept of it for I am to goe to St Albarns or Endfield I bless god I am quite recoverd from my late illness & am to goe to Harbrough very soon pray give my compliments to Dr Miss Ekins & Duty to my Dr Mamma service to Mrs Linton & all the Laides of my acquaintance

I am my Dr Sister your most affact

& obligd Sister

Polly Doddridge

Miss Clark sends her kind Love & service wrote on the toop [sic] of a Mins Pye.

This Climate does not afford Oranges this [year]

Address: To My Dear Sister Me[rcy]

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Note on Address Page: Sister Polly Jan, 1749