Hymn 29. Psalm 23

The Lord, my shepherd and my guide,

Will all my wants supply;

In safety I shall still abide

Beneath his watchful eye.

Amid the verdant flowery meads,

He makes my sweet repose;

When pain’d with thirst he gently leads

Where living water flows.

If from his fold I thoughtless stray,

He leads the wanderer home;

And shews my erring feet the way

Where dangers cannot come.

Though hastening to the silent tomb,

And death’s dark shades appear;

Thy presence, Lord, shall cheer the gloom,

and banish every fear.

No evil can my soul dismay,

While I am near my God;

My comfort, my support and stay,

Thy staff and guiding rod.

Thy constant bounties me surround,

Amid my envious foes;

My favour’d head with gladness crown’d

My cup with blessings flows.

Thy shall thy goodness, love and care

Attend my future days;

And I shall dwell for ever near

My God, and sing his praise.

Collection of Hymns Adapted to Public Worship, no. 29 (all stanzas); Poems, 1780, vol. 2, pp. 147-8; also MS, Steele Collection, Angus Library, Regents Park College, STE 3/2/1; also Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 1, pp. 285-86.