[Awake, awake, put on my strength]


Awake, awake, put on my strength,

And mine owne comelyness,

Look upon mee for I have

Wrought thy deliverance.


Thou art black, but comely in

Mine eyes, that doth behold

Thee swearing mine owne righteousness,

Which glory can not behold.


I waited long on thee, to see,

When thou wouldst mee embrace,

And when thou would’st look up to mee,

To see my glorious face.


And now, what say’st thou unto mee?

Have I not done thee good?

And have not spar’d to set thee free,

Mine own Sons precious blood.


Therefore let all thy life be now

A sacrifice of praise,

And to my holyness give up

Thy self in all my wayes.


Let not the World so sad thy heart,

Nor cast thee down so low,

For if thou wait upon my grace,

My secrets thou shalt know.


Be watchful and keep close to me —

Thy Garments: do not staine;

And that wilt be to thy pour soul,

A certain heavenly gain.


Take heed of glorying in my love

But walk humbly and low,

For it is onely my fulness,

That makes thee thus to flow.


There is by pathes to wander in,

That Sathan would advance,

But I will keep thee in my power,

And be thy deliverance.


Be watchful and keep close to mee,

My Garments do not soyl,

For they are thine to cover thee;

Be watchful then a while.

Text: A Christian Woman’s Experiences of the Glorious Working of God’s Free Grace (Rotterdam: Henry Goddeus, 1663), p. 44.