Hymn on Colossians 3:2


The Sovereign Lord that dwells above

Who’s fair & rich beyond compare

He condescends to seek my love

Tis safe to trust his heavenly care.


Then mount with Eagles wings on high

There’s joys transcending Earthly things

Where Jesus reigns above the Sky

The fountainhead of all my springs.


There’s heavenly manna for the Soul

Delicious rich Soul strengthening food

Eternal peace & pleasures roll

And ev’ry pure substantial good.


Tho Earth may tempt my Soul to love

Displaying her delightful charms

As dros & dung I dissaprove

And angry thrust it from my arms.


There’s nothing on this Earthly Globe

Can suit th’ enlightned Souls desires

Christ Righteousness that Glorious Robe

Is that to which my Soul aspires.


Tis only that can skreen from Sins

Tis that can fit for heav’nly Joy

There the delightfull work begins

That ever more will Saints employ.

Text: Steele Collection, 2/2/1, inserted into ACS’s diary, vol. 2 (1730-36), on a loose folium; see also Whelan, Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 8, pp. 25-26.