2 November 1751

26. Mary “Polly” Doddridge, Northampton, to her father and mother, Phillip Doddridge and Mercy Doddridge, [at that time in Portugal], 2 November 1751. [f. 35]1

Norn Novr ye 2: 1751

Will you permit me my Ever Dear & Excilent Pappa & Mamma to assure you that my Dr Sister Mercy has in her Letters spoken the reaial [real] Sentiments of my Heart only give me leave to add that if thair be a wish more ardend for your Recovary & Return & happiness then has been all ready Expressed that best of wishes is mine

Adieu my Ever Dear Pappa & Mamma that the Choisest reserve of Blessings (of Evry kind) may continualy atind you is the Cons[t]ant wish & ardend Prayer of

my Ever Valueable & Enixpressably

Dear Pappa & Mamma

Your Most Affectenate

Dutifull & Obeident

Polly Doddridge

PS I rejoice to add that through the goodness of God your Family & Friends are all perfectly well & Joyn in most Affectinate Salutations. Dear Celia wishes she Could her self thank her Dear Pappa & Mamma for thair Affectinate remembrance of her & begs by my Pen thay will be pleasd to accept her Duty & very best wishes our new man at present promises fair that by his Diligence & Sobriaty he will deserve so good a Master & Mrs as my Dear Pappa & Mamma

Address: To | The Revd Doctr Doddridge

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Note on address page: Nov ye 2 1751 | Dr Polly

1 Philip Doddridge died on 26 October 1751, an event Mary Doddridge would not hear of for several weeks, possibly more than a month. Nuttall's Calendar closes at this point with a letter on 5 November to Doddridge by Nathaniel Neal in London and Sarah Ekins at Hackney. The remaining letters in this collection are not included in Nuttall and, like those that have preceded this letter, are presented here for the first time.