Subscription Advertisement for the Family Expositor

4. Proposal for Subscriptions to Doddridge's The Family Expositor, 3 vols., 2 pgs, with receipt for Francis Butlen [Butlin] filled in and signed and dated by Doddridge on 5 June 1751.1


for Printing by Subscription,


The Family Expositor,

On the Epistolary Part of the



The Book of the Revelation.

Consisting of a large

PARAPHRASE on the Whole;

in which

A New Translation of the SACRED TEXT from the

Original will be inserted in a distinct Character.

To which will be added,


of each SECTION.


PROPOSALS are delivered gratis, and Subscriptions taken in by the Author at Northampton, and for him by Mr. Waugh at the Turk's-Head, Lombard-Street; Mr. Buckland, at the Buck in Pater-noster-Row, London; Mr. Fletcher in Oxford, Mr. Mirrel in Cambridge, Mr. Tozer in Exeter, Mr. Cadel in Bristol, Mr. Leake in Bath, Mr. Hotham in York, Mr. Trail and Mr. Miller in Edinburgh, Mr. Barry in Glasgow, and Mr. Smith in Dublin.


I. The Three Volumes will contain, according to the best Computation that can be made, Three Hundred Sheets, to be printed on the same Paper with these Proposals, and in all Respects in like Manner with the Family Expositor on the Historical Part of the New Testament.

II. The Price to Subscribers of the Three Volumes (sewed in blue Paper) will be One Pound Sixteen Shillings; One Guinea to be paid at the Time of subscribing, and the Remainder on the Delivery of the Second Volume.

III. The Copy is prepared, and, by far the greater Part of it, fairly transcribed, so that the compleat Publication of this Work does not depend on the Author's Life; and it will be sent to the Press, and published with all convenient Dispatch, as soon as a Judgment can be formed, what Number it will be proper to print.

IV. Those who subscribe for six Sets will have a seventh gratis.

V. A List will be printed of the Subscribers, except such Persons as forbid their Names to be inserted therein.

VI. If any are printed more than subscribed for, they will not be sold under Two Guineas the Set.


Received of [Mr Francis Butlen] the Sum of [One Guinea] being the [first] Payment for [One Set] of The Family Expositor on the Epistles and Revelation in Three Volumes, Quarto, which I promise to deliver according to the Proposals.

P Doddridge June 5. 1751.

1 Simon Gratz Collection, Case 10, Box 28, Folder 59, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.