Calendar of the Poetry of

Mary Steele Wakeford

Calendar of Mary Steele Wakeford's Poetry

A. Poems on Devotional Subjects

Untitled [Omnipotent Creator, gracious God]

Untitled [My infant Days, my Childhood past]

A Reflection the past Year December 3, 1748

On Dr. Young’s Night Thoughts

Untitled [Farewell to Life, farewell to pain and woe]

Untitled [Aminta, though my Eyes ne’er saw thy beauties]

Untitled [Were I to measure Earth and sea]

Isaiah 55.6 & 7

Untitled [My trembling drooping spirit faints]

Untitled [If love’s constraining pow’r can warm]

Untitled [My sovereign Lord, my gracious God]

Untitled [Almighty Lord to thee I lift]

Untitled [Jesus and didst thou condescend]

B. Miscellaneous Poems

A Motto for a Watch


To Theodosia

To Silvia

Silvia’s Rattle

C. Three Riddles

[If you wish for a riddle to puzzle your wit on]

[A riddle of Riddles as odd as can be]

[Torn from the bowels of the fruitful Earth]