A Hymn of Praise to God

Almighty Father, we adore

The glorious, the amazing Grace

That stoop’d to pity and restore

A ruin’d, a rebellious race.

That sent thy Son, thy only son,

In whom thy fairest glories shine,

The equal Partner of thy Throne;

O gift immense of Love divine!

Jesus, ador’d, beloved Name,

Eternal praise belongs to thee:

Let ev’ry tongue thy Love proclaim,

Be homage paid by ev’ry knee.

Thou ever worthy to receive

Exalted honours, praise divine,

Almighty Saviour, can we give

Less than our all to Love like thine?

Eternal Spirit, let thy praise

By thy kind aid our Songs employ,

Whose animating pow’r can raise

The dead in Sin to life and joy.

Thy cleansing Grace renews the heart,

Thy Soul-illuminating ray

A dawn of glory can impart,

Sweet earnest of immortal day.

Almighty Three, Eternal One,

Ineffable, mysterious Name!

The awful Glories of thy Throne

Nor Men, nor Angels can proclaim.

Text: Steele Collection, 3/1/4, no. 6, Angus Library, Regent's Park College, Oxford; this hymn first published in Nonconformist Women Writers, 1720-1840, vol. 2 (ed. Julia B. Griffin), p. 109.