28 March 1753

39. Mary “Polly” Doddridge, at the Doddridge's new home in Mary Street, to her mother, Mercy Doddridge, also at Northampton (most likely still in the old home awaiting the completion of preparations at the new residence), 28 March 1753. [f. 62]

Mary Street Thursday

Night 9 oClock

My Ever Dear Mamma

As I cant give myself the pleasure of seeing you to Night I could not Content myself without writing one Line to assure you that I think it Long since I saw [you] & that I would most willingly have come up to night but Mrs Bunyan & I were so fully imploy’d before Candle Light that we could not that we could conveniently leave the house & now Mrs B— is so Tired she cannot come & I have no Lantturn.1

I am much consernd to hear that my Dear Mamma has had so much fatigue toDay & hope she will goe to Bed soon to Night & have some whey & Hartshorn &c

The Bed in your Room Madm is put up as also is the Globe, the latter of which was done without any Difficulty at all. The Bed in the Maid Room is also finis’d & the Boxes put in your Room, we have made my Room & the Parlor prity tite & have got some of the Dirt out of the first Room

I should be very glad Madm if you wd please to let Nany come down in the morning if she is not wonted as she is very useful to us.

I beg my Love to Dear Celia & should take it as a Favour to have her Company in the Morning (as soon as she pleases) if my Dear Mamma permit,

I beg my Service to Miss Kitty & with wishes my Dear Mamma a very good Night & relying on her good[ness] to excuse this impertinance I only add

that I am & ever will be

my Dear Mammas

Most Dutiful Polly

I begin to think John long for I very much want my Supper

Address: To Mrs Doddridge | This most humbly Present

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Notes on Address Page: polly March ye | 28 1753 | My childern shall all be thought | of God | and great | shall | me ye peace | my d Dear | Dear | Childern |mend made | it & | Satterday | Decimber | ye 8 1753 [clearly a draft of a more formal statement or benediction by Mercy Doddridge]

1 The context of the letter seems to imply that the Doddridges, now that the Academy has moved to Daventry, are moving now into a new home in Northampton which they will rent (see below, Letter 42).