Selected Hymns of Elizabeth Coltman

For biographical information on Elizabeth Coltman, click here for her entry in the Biographical Summaries; for a selection of her letters, click here; for her published travel narrative, click here; for her published prose tract, click here. For a complete biographical account of Coltman, along with her poetry and prose writings, see Timothy Whelan, gen. ed., Nonconformist Women Writers, 1720-1840 (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2011), vol. 4, pp. 215-34; vol. 7, pp. 275-326; for her letters, vol. 3, pp. 383-88. See also Timothy Whelan's chapter on Coltman in Other British Voices: Women, Poetry, and Religion, 1766-1840 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), pp. 155-97; Florence E. Skillington, ‘The Coltmans of the Newarke at Leicester’, Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological Society 18 (1934-35), pp. 3-40; Catherine Hutton Beale, Catherine Hutton and her Friends (Birmingham: Cornish Brothers, 1895).