Jubilee Hymn, Sung at Several Baptist Meeting Houses

Peace to Britannia’s sovereign! Now

Let heaven the boon impart;

And bid her honours gird his brow,

Her welfare warm his heart.

And let her hail his festal day,

On time’s recording page,

And with a nation’s smile repay

The toils of half an age.

Thus would we raise our patriot cry –

But souls in Zion found; 10

For more august dominion sigh

Beyond an empire’s bound.

’Till grace from her Immanuel’s throne,

A vast consummate plan!

Proclaim aloud in every zone,

The Jubilee of man.

’Till her great Monarch, in his might,

Fulfil the long desire;

A thousand ages in whose sight,

Like yesterday retire. 20

O that his diadem supreme,

In full diffusive ray;

Might o’er the dying nations beam

With life’s immortal day.

Then shall the desolations cease,

And earth in sweetest strain,

Through the long Jubilee of peace,

Sing his unbounded reign.


Baptist Magazine, 2 (January 1810), p. 44; Whelan, Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 5, p. 99.