2 January 1751

20. Mary “Polly” Doddridge, Enfield, to her mother, Mercy Doddridge, [Northampton], 2 January 1751. [f. 58]

My Dear Mamma

Tho I have not been favourd with a line which tho I had indeed no reason to expect yet as it was what would have given me the greatest pleasure I could not help flattering my self with the hopes of tho when I considerd the many other imployments of infinitly greater importance that you Dear Madm have to take up your thoughts & to imploy your time about & that still more important reason that writing does not agree with you I choid [chide] my too impatient wishes & determin that which is most agreeable to my Dear Mamma shall be so to me for which reason permit your Polly to ashure you that as long as she is permited to adress her Dear Mamma in this maner till she has that still greater pleasure of seeing that till then she shall Esteem her self very Happy.

but give me leave now my Dear Mamma to beg of you bleive that your aprobation of my accompts gave me the greatest pleasure & that I think my self very much oblig’d to you for the reestablishing of my little Fund & which I shall think my self very happy I can lay out in a maner still more satisfactry to both my Pappa and Mamma.

but I am afraid I shall tire you Dear Madm in order to prevent which I will conclud but before I doe which I must beg leave to add my most sensire wish is that this may be a happy new year to you & that you may see a great many such that every ^blessing^ may atend you which is the most ardent wish of

My Dear Mamma

Your Most Dutifull

& obedient Daughter

Polly Doddridge

Endfield Janry ye 2. 1750/51

Address: To Mrs Doddridge

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