Rachel Potter

Imprint History (4 total) for Rachel Potter from 52 Cannon Street,

opposite Crooked Lane, London, 1775-88

Little is known of Rachel Potter (fl. 1775-88), who sold from her bookshop (and probably her place of residence) at 52 Cannon Street opposite Crooked Lane.  The “M. Potter” for the Nicholson imprint in 1788 is probably a mistake and should have been “Mrs. Potter.” Potter obviously moved within dissenting circles, selling a title in 1775 with Martha Gurney and Elizabeth Dodd (another rare instance of a work sold by a group of dissenting women book sellers) and in 1788 with Henry Trapp and Thomas Scollick. Potter only appeared on four titles, yet all four were works associated with or composed by members of the evangelical community, both among dissenters and those within the Anglican Church. Potter does not appear in either McKenzie or Plomer, but she does appear in Maxted. Rachel Potter does appear in the 1791 Universal British Directory, vol. 1, part 2, p. 257.


1.   A Collection of select letters. Wrote upon several occasions, by eminent persons, and ministers of the Gospel, in England, Wales, Scotland, and America. Viz. The Rev. Mr. Ingham. Rev. Howell Davies. Rev. Daniel Rowland. Rev. Thomas Lewis. Mr. J. Habersham. Mr. Howell Harris. Mr. T. Adams. Mr. J. Cennick. Mr. J. Humphreys. Mr. J. Sims. Mr. E. Godwin. Mr. H. Jenkins. Mrs. Whitefield, and many others. Chiefly relating to their ministry; with an account of such other particular circumstances, as be fell them in their travels, &c. Published for the use and benefit, of all the followers of the lamb. Printed, and sold by T. Davies opposite Hicks’s Hall, St. John’s-street: and to be had of E. Dodd, at the Bible, West-street, Seven Dials; M. Gurney, No. 34 Bell Yard; and R. Potter, No. 52, facing Crooked Lane, Cannon Street, 1775. 



2.  Nicholson, George (Perpetual Curate of Little Budworth). Four select evangelical discourses, of Mr. George Nicholson. (London: printed for the Author, by H. Trapp, No. 1. Pater-Noster-Row; and sold by J. Parsons, No. 21. Pater-Noster-Row; M. Potter, No. 52. Cannon-Street; W. Ash, Tower-Street; Mr. Forster, No. 41. Poultry; and Mr. Scollick, City-Road, Moorfields, MDCCLXXXVIII [1788]).

3.  Pavey, John. Spiritual commerce: or, a series of epistolatory letters, written on spiritual and interesting subjects, ... By J. Pavey. [London?]: Printed for the author: and sold by Mr. Murray; Mrs. Potter; and Mr. Southon, London; Mr. Vessey, Woolwich; and Mr. Guilbert, Heathfield, 1788.

4.  Pavey, John. Spiritual commerce. Supplement A supplement to a volume of spiritual epistolatory letters. By J. Pavey. [London?] : Printed for the author: and sold by Mr. Murray; Mrs. Potter; and Mr. Southon, London; Mr. Vessey, Woolwich, Kent; and Mr. Guilbert, Heathfield, 1788.