22 July 1761

7. Phillip Doddridge, Jr's Order to pay Mercy Doddridge (his mother), 22 July 1761.1

I hereby acknowledge that I am indebted to my mother Mrs Mercy Doddridge in the sums undermentioned amounting together to the sum of five hundred and twenty three pounds eleven shillings and three pence which sum I hereby direct the Executors of Archibald late Duke of Argyle deceased out of the purchase monies of my estate at Hounslow in the County of Middlesex to pay to Mr Nathaniel Neal for the use of my said mother Mercy Doddridge.

For principal money on Mortgage of my Estate at Hounslow 350:=:=.

For interest remaining due at Michs last =.9.8

For Quit rent paid by Mrs Doddridge 5.1.7

For 3/4ths of a years interest on the above

Mortgage due at Midsummer last 10.10.=

For 3/4ths of Mrs Doddridge’s Anny due Do` 7.10.=

For value of Do 150.=.=


As witness my Hand this 22d day of July 1761

Phi: Doddridge


John Harrison

1 London Metropolitan Archives, acc. MS 1149/114.