The Covenant of Grace.

Jehovah made a Covenant

Of Grace with Christ his Son,

In which he made a Promise-Grant

Of Life, e’er time begun.

I’ll be thy God, Jehovah said,

To th’ Mediator, when

He was set up as Cov’nant-Head,

Of all the chosen Men.

Yea, and in thee a Go I’ll be,

To all thy Children too;

Whate’er I am, on thee and them,

In Cov’nant I bestow.

All the Perfections of my Bliss

Shall jointly make yours full;

My glorious Self you shall possess,

When I’m your All in All.

And to make known my glorious Grace,

Thy Children I’ll permit,

To fall into a wretched Case,

And most distressed Plight.

This Project greatly will redound,

To th’ Glory of Three-One,

When thine shall see my Grace abound,

O’er all that they have done.

My Son, thou shalt my Servant be,

To bring them back again;

Thou shalt bear their Iniquity,

And I’ll reward thy Pain.

To this Christ readily agreed,

Engaging then to pay,

The Debts of all the chosen Seed,

That like Sheep went astray.

The Father then engag’d to give

To Christ, his numerous Seed;

That thro’ his Death they all should live,

This pleas’d him well indeed.

A Fulness of all Sorts of Grace,

In Cov’nant were bestow’d;

In all Things it well-order’d was,

For all the Heirs of God.

The Sp’rit, the Spring of Grace within,

Was in this Cov’nant giv’n;

Who then engag’d in Offices,

To bring us safe to Heav’n.

Repentance, Faith, and Holiness,

Herein were treasured;

As Gifts for all the chosen Race,

And not Conditions made.

Text: Anne Dutton, Hymns Composed on Several Subjects. With an Alphabetical Table. Affixed to Dutton’s A Narration of the Wonders of Grace in Verse (London: Printed for, and sold by the Author, in the year 1734), pp. 110-11.

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