Hymn I.

The Mystery of the Trinity reveal’d in Christ.

The Glories of Jehovah shine

In his own son, who is Divine;

Well he could tell the Father’s Name, .

Because his Nature is the same.

The Father, Son, and Spirit be

One God most High, yet One in Three;

The Godhead’s Glory jointly share,

Because that they Co-equal are[.]

This is a Mystery too bright,

To be beheld by Nature’s Light;

From men of Reason ’tis conceal’d, .

Though in the Gospel it’s reveal’d.

They set their Reason up to pry,

Into this sacred Mystery;

But it, alas! Is blinded quite

By looking on this dazzling Light.

It’s not an Organ fit to see,

The Glory of this Mystery;

Jehovah this to Babes reveals,

And from the Prudent it conceals.

Th’ Eye that sees ’tis[1] Gospel-Faith,

Discerning what the Scripture saith;

It’s a bless’d Thing to be a Babe,

Taught by the Spirit to cry Abb’.

O guide us, least we go astray,

And lead us still in Christ the Way;

Then shall we to thy bosom run,

And see thee in thine only Son.

Where thou reveal’st thy glorious Face,

And all thy wond’rous Acts of Grace;

Here we shall live, and thee adore,

When Sin and Time shall be no more.


[1] it, ’s Gospel-Faith] 1734

Text: Anne Dutton, Hymns Composed on Several Subjects. With an Alphabetical Table. Affixed to Dutton’s A Narration of the Wonders of Grace in Verse (London: Printed for, and sold by the Author, in the year 1734), pp. 73-74.

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