1811 November 2

Eliza Fenwick, [at Charles Lamb's], to Mary Hays, [Wandsworth], Saturday evening, 9 o’clock [2 November 1811].1

Saturday evening

9 oClock

Eliza has suddenly received notice of sailing on Thursday. Some armed ships are going towards Madeira & the Capn has resolved on taking their protection & not waiting for the fleet. This has overset us almost. ^Only^ yesterday she heard she had no need of being ready till the 18th.

Fortunately I was under the necessity of coming to town for medicines this afternoon & having some business for Mrs Mocatta cd not get an evening stage & was forced to stay all night I had not been in ^at Mr Lambs^ above ½ an hour when Mr Dyke came with this intelligence Eliza is sunk into the deepest dejection I support myself wonderfully & will you may depend on me.

I send this by the Coach that you may have the earliest notice of enquiring for the letters you kindly name. Shd it be impossible to get them in time we must send them after her by the next Packet but to take them wd be pleasanter.

Be so good as to request Mr W. will send Lanno to Town on the first stage on Wednesday ^morn^ when he will be expected at Mr Lambs.

Eliza sends every kind greeting to you & begs you will thank Mr & Mrs Hays in her name for their very kind attentions, which she will ever remember with gratitude. She offers her sincere wishes for the health & happiness of the whole family.

Shd Lanno’s funds be inadequate to the stage hire pray lend him what is necessary & when he returns he shall pay you.

I go home at 8 oClock tomorrow morning & the confusion of the family in removing militates terribly against my aiding or being with Eliza in this trying hour. I must get my liberty on Wednesday if possible.

If you send the letters direct them to Eliza at Mr Lambs 4 Inner Temple Lane Fleet Street.

She has every thing to pack here & at Limehouse & many things still to get.

God bless you think of us & pray for us

yrs ever

E F.

Address: Miss Hays

Postmark: none

1 Fenwick Family Papers, Correspondence, 1798-1855, New York Historical Library; Wedd, Fate of the Fenwicks 48; not in Brooks, Correspondence.