Miscellaneous Letters to and from Philip and Mercy Doddridge, 1729-1765

This set of 20 letters includes 12 letters belonging to two large manuscript collections at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia: The Simon Gratz Collection and the Ferdinand J. Dreer Collection. Among the remaining five letters, three are from the collections at the McGill University Library, one from the John Rylands University Library at Manchester, one from the Angus Library, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, and three from Dr. Williams's Library, London.  Five letters were noted by Geoffrey F. Nuttall in his invaluable Calendar of the Correspondence of Philip Doddridge (1979), but he did not see the originals of them at that time: one appeared in The Posthumous Works of Isaac Watts (1779) and Thomas Milner's Life of Isaac Watts (1834); one in Daniel Neal's History of the Puritans, ed. Joshua Toulmin (1793), Walter Wilson's History and Antiquities of Dissenting Churches . . . in London (1808-14), and J. D. Humphreys's Correspondence and Diary of Philip Doddridge (1829-31); one in Thomas Stedman's Letters to and from Dr. Doddridge (1790) as well as Humphreys; and a copy of one letter residing now among the collections at Dr. Williams's Library, London. By the time Nuttall published his Philip Doddridge: Additional Letters (2001), he had seen copies (or the originals) of three more letters from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (although some of the letters pertaining to Doddridge in their collections were still not seen by Nuttall) as well as the three letters belonging to McGill University.

1. Philip Doddridge, Harborough, to Isaac Watts, 22 November 1729

2. Three members of a committee [John Norris, David Some, Thomas Cartwright] representing the church at Creaton, Northamptonshire, to Philip Doddridge, Northampton, 6 May 1736, with reply from Doddridge attached to the same letter. 

3. Philip Doddridge, [Northampton], to the Revd William Chapman, Bethnal Green, London, 6 March [May] 1736. 

4. Daniel Neal, London, to Philip Doddridge, Saturday Evening, 12 May 1739. 

5. Philip Doddridge, Northampton, to the Rev. Thomas Scott, Norwich, 13 September 1739

6. Philip Doddridge to an unnamed correspondent [Rev. Thomas Scott of Norwich], undated [c. 1739-40]. 

7. Richard Newton, Hertford College, to Philip Doddridge, 26 January 1743/4. 

8. Anne Dutton, Great Gransden, to Philip Doddridge, Northampton, 30 January 1743/4. 

9. Philip Doddridge, Bury, to Mercy Doddridge, Northampton, 28 June 1745

10. Philip Doddridge to Mercy Doddridge, Tuesday morning, 28 July 1747

11. Philip Doddridge, Northampton, to the Isteds, 24 April 1749. 

12. Anne Dutton to Philip Doddridge, incomplete and undated [7 August 1749]. 

13. Anne Dutton, Great Gransden, to Philip Doddridge, Northampton, 25/26 September 1749

14. Philip Doddridge to Joseph Parker, 26 September 1749.  

15. Job Orton, Salop [Shrewsbury], to Mrs. Philip Doddridge at Northampton (“turn at Towcester”), 7 November 1752.

16. Samuel Davies, Hanover [Virginia], to Mercy Doddridge, Northampton, 28 April 1755.  

17. Hugh Farmer, Walthamstow, to Mercy Doddridge, Northampton, 4 August 1756

18. William Warburton, Grosvenor Square, London, to Mercy Doddridge, Northampton, 8 March 1759

19. Job Orton (1717-83), Salop [Shrewsbury], to Mercy Doddridge, [Northampton], 4 August 1763

20. Job Orton, Salop [Shrewsbury], to Mercy Doddridge, Northampton, “to be left at Revd Mr Ashworth’s in Daventry,” June 1765.