Hymn on the Sacrament


And art thou mine, my dearest Lord?

Then I have all, nor fly

The boldest wishes I can form

Unto a pitch more high.


Yes, thou art mine, the contract’s seal’d

With thine own precious blood;

And ev’n almighty pow’rs engag’d

To see it all made good.


My fears dissolve: for oh! what more

Could studious bounty do?

What farther mighty proofs are left

Unbounded love to shew?


My faith’s confirm’d, nor would I quit

My title to thy love,

For all the valu’d things below,

Or shining things above.


Nor at the prosp’rous sinner’s state

Do I at all repine;

No, let ’em parcel out the earth,

While heav’n and thou art mine.

Text: Poems on Several Occasions (London: E. Dudley [and seven others], 1778), pp. 79-80.