Psalm 23

The Lord is my defence and guide,

My wants are by his care supply’d:

He leads me to refreshing shades,

Thro’ verdant plains and flow’ry meads;

‘And there securely makes me lie,

Near silver currents rolling by

To guide my erring feet aright,

He gilds my paths with sacred light:

And to this own immortal praise,

Conducts me in his perfect ways.

In death’s uncomfortable shade

No terror can my soul invade:

While he, my strong defence, is near,

His pretence scatters all despair.

My spiteful foes, with envy, see

His plenteous table spread for me:

My cup o’erflows with sparkling wine,

With fragrant oils my temples shine.

Since God hath wond’rous mercy shew’d,

And crown’d my smiling years with good;

The life he graciously prolongs,

Shall be employ’d in grateful songs;

My voice in lofty hymns I’ll raise,

And in his temple spend my days.

Text: Poems on Several Occasions (London: E. Dudley [and seven others], 1778), pp. 110-11.