[The Spring is come the dead is gone]


The Spring is come the dead is gone,

Sweet streams of love doth flow:

There is a Rock, that you must knock,

From whence these stream[s] do go.


The Banquets set, the King is come,

To entertain his Guest:

All that are weary of their sins,

He wants to give them rest.


Then come, and take your fill of love,

Here’s joy enough for all,

To see our King so richly clad,

And give so loud a call.


Here’s Wine without money or price:

Here’s milk to nourish babes:

You may come to this banquet now,

And feede of it most large.


Then comfort you your selves in him;

Tis sweet to see his love,

That they, that are redeemed by him,

May live so free above.

Text: A Christian Woman’s Experiences of the Glorious Working of God’s Free Grace (Rotterdam: Henry Goddeus, 1663), p. 41. Sutton prefaced the hymn with the following comment: "Your waiting shall be upon me, till your souls hath filled; and in the way of righteousness you shall be made to yeeld. Another time I having been waiting on the Lord in breaking bread: And soon after was given in this following."