Hymn V.


In vain the dusky night retires,

And sullen shadows fly:

In vain the morn with purple light

Adorns the eastern sky.


In vain the gaudy rising sun

The wide horizon gilds,

Come glitt’ring o’er the silver streams,

And chears the dewy fields.


In vain, dispensing vernal sweets,

The morning breezes play;

In vain the birds with cheerful songs

Salute the new-born day;


In vain! unless my Saviour’s face

These gloomy clouds control,

And dissipate the sullen shades

That press my drooping soul.


O! visit then thy servant, Lord,

With favour from on high;

Arise, my bright, immortal sun!

And all these shades will die.


When, when, shall I behold thy faced

All radiant and serene,

Without these envious dusky clouds

That make a veil between?


When shall that long expected day

Of sacred vision be,

When my impatient soul shall make

A near approach to thee?

Text: Poems on Several Occasions (London: E. Dudley [and seven others], 1778), pp. 78-79.