[The absence of Lovers is tedious they say]

The absence of Lovers is tedious they say,

Would any for months out of Choice be away

From a neat habbitation, a Husband they love?

I hope former Anguish Instructive may prove.

Another at parting, tormented with fears

And dayly uneasie thro troubles and cares,

The danger of journeys distressing the breast,

Yet hopeing a Letter will set it at rest;

But dull meditation still brings the sad sigh,

And no joyfull subject scarce worth a reply,

Tho’ constantly nourish’s with daily supplys

And favour’d with sleep till the morning arise.

Past cares not enough, but the future bear sway

To perplex and disquiet the mind all the day;

To divert the fond fancy, endevours are vain,

Disappointment and fear still renewing the pain.

May the absent return, giving joy to the heart,

Since ’tis grievous and burthensome ever to part.

Text: Steele Collection, 2/2/1; see also Whelan, Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 8, p. 24.