31 April 1778

83. Mary Doddridge (cousin), [no location given], to Mrs. Mercy Doddridge, Sr., [no location given], 31 April 1778. [f. 31]

Thankful to divine protection and mercies to her in the midst of her afflictions. She bows to the divine will in all events in her life. Rev. Hextall has died (4 November 1777) and is now at peace and she hopes a new pastor will come soon. Mr. Robins of Daventry will assist the church in looking for a new minister from the students at the Academy at Daventry. Glad Mrs. Humphreys is better. She is disappointed she could not send Mercy some riband by means of Mr. Warburton and will now seek out some "private hand." Mentions her cousin Harriet and Mrs. Phill Isted, who has just recently died, and Miss Churchill. 27. Mary Doddridge, Northampton, to Mrs. Mercy Doddridge, Sr., undated.