[Oh! where shall I find now]


Oh! where shall I find now

A people quicken’d still,

That seek all times to live on God,

And eck to do his will.


A people that deny themselves,

And eck the cross up take.

That doth delight in God alone,

And eck the World forsake.


A people that abhor themselves,

And over their sins weep,

A people mourning o’r the Land,

And doth him dayly seek.


A people that believes in God,

By faith drawes vertue still;

Lay hold on promise which is true

Contented with his will.


A people that the word esteem,

Keeping close there dayly,

And for a rule the same doth take,

When others from it fly.


Their hearts are fastened on the Lord,

They for refuge fly,

That God would now help by his power,

In their extremity.


Their cries are now unto the Lord,

They seek in him to hide,

To take of now his heavy hand,

And not let wrath abide.


With such a people would I spend,

My life and dayes now here:

Oh! think upon thy servant Lord,

And to me now draw near.

Text: A Christian Woman’s Experiences of the Glorious Working of God’s Free Grace (Rotterdam: Henry Goddeus, 1663), p. 44.