[Come home, come home, thy work is done]

Come home, come home, thy work is done.

My glory thou shalt see;

Let all the meek ones of the earth

Come home along with thee.

Cast of the world, it is too base

And low for thee to dwell;

I have redeem’d thee from the pit,

And lowest place of Hell.

Admire, admire my love to thee,

Which took thee from so low,

And set thee in high places free,

Where thou my love might’st know.

Wing thou aloft, and cast thy self

Into mine Arms of love;

Look up, look up, and thou shalt see

My glory is above.

Let not the wicked know thy joy:

But let my servants hear

What I have done for thee my love,

Since thou to mee drew’st near.

My servants walk in clouds and bogg’s,

They do not see my light:

The day draws near, and will appear,

That I will shine most bright.

I will appear in my glory, and be a perfect light.

Admire, admire, the thing that I will do,

All nations shall hear, and know

What I am doing now.

I will a habitation be

To them that fear my name;

They shall lie down in safety, and

Give glory to the same.

All they that in high places sit,

And takes their honours low,

Shall be made tremble, quake, and pine,

When they my Justice know.

Come hide, come hide, come hide with me,

Come hide thee in the Rock;

Come draw thy Comforts high from mee.

I my treasures unlock.

Text: A Christian Woman’s Experiences of the Glorious Working of God’s Free Grace (Rotterdam: Henry Goddeus, 1663), pp. 13-14.