A Hymn of Praise to God, as the God of Nature, & Grace


Great God, to celebrate thy Praise,

My Pow’rs Harmonious join.

Thee, Source of Being, I Adore

And sing thy Grace Divine.


Confusion heard thy Voice, and Loe,

The Universe arose:

When num’rous Worlds, thy boundless Love,

Wisdom, & Power disclose.


By Thee Renew’d, with fragrant Blooms

The Chearfull Spring’s attir’d;

And vig’rous Life, thro’ Nature thrills

By Nature’s God inspir’d.


Where’er th’ Etherial Vital Flame

Informs an Earthly Clod;

Thee we confess; and own thy Power,

Almighty Maker, God.


Thy Glory These. But Nobler Works,

The produce of thy Hand,

Our growing Adoration claim;

And higher praise demand.


To quicken the Lethargick Mind;

The Wound^ed Conscience* Ease;

To purify Unholy Hearts;

Is thine O God of Grace.


Immortal Souls, by Sin involv’d

In Guilt, Despair, & Death,

Spring forth to Light, to Life, & Joys;

At thine Al-potent Breath.


Thy Penetrating Rays, pervade,

The dark, bewilder’d Breast;

And guide the Erring Wanderer safe

Thro’ Wisdom’s Ways, to Rest.


O! may my Soul, transported, feel

Thy Energy Divine!

Thine Lord shall all the Glory be;

And Endless Praises thine.

Text: Gen. MSS. 635, Beinecke Library, Yale University, fols 1-2.