On the Admission of Members

Come, happy disciples of Christ,

Ye ransom’d from Sin, Death, and Hell,

For Jesus despise a vain world,

Resolv’d in his temple to dwell.

Dear brethren and sisters with joy,

We welcome you all, and will bless

Our Shepherd, who gathers his flock,

And smiles to behold our increase.

Our souls shall exult and be glad:

The Lord owns his word in this place.

O help us to praise and to pray,

For still more abundant success:

May Pastor and People unite,

To glorify God and the Lamb;

And each to poor sinners around,

The Saviour of sinners proclaim.

Thus marching in order divine,

With Love’s bleeding ensign in view;

In armour invincible clad,

We would flesh and Satan subdue.

Lo! Jesus our Captain leads on;

The legions infernal must fly:

Our warfare shall quickly be o’er,

And victory crown us on high.

Text: Maria de Fleury, Hymns for Believers' Baptism (London: printed by W. Justins, Albion’s Buildings, Bartholomew-Close; and sold at the Rev. Mr. Kirkham’s Meeting-house, Red-Cross-Street, near Cripplegate, London, 1786), p. 23.