1. Note to Mercy Doddridge about the Doddridge properties in Twickenham and Isleworth.1

Pay ye Legacies so soon as you can, and take Mr Councellors Halls Advice concerning your Husband’s Will, and take the three Coppies of Admittance tied together, with the Coppy of Admittance for the Rectory hold of Isleworth & Twickenham called Wardens Hold who shall have the Guardianship of Philip Dodderidg a Minor

tho Wid[ow] Dodderidg is admitted already and needs not be admitted again to any of the Coppy hold land of the three Severall Manors of Lyon Manor of Twickenham Manor and ye Rectory Manor as for said, but in regard Mr Philip Doddridg made 3 or 4 Severall Surrend[ers] to the use of his Will the same must be delivered in upon the first Courts held for the sd Manors by the Tenants that took the sd Surrender

1 London Metropolitan Archives, acc. MS 1149/105.