28 October - 3 November 1755

53. Mary Doddridge, [Walsham], to Mrs. Mercy Doddridge, Northampton, undated [c. 28 October-3 November 1755]. [f. 18]

I fear my time will not permit me to acknowledge as I could wish my Dearest mamas very kind & obliging Letter for which I think myself more oblig’d to her than words can express. I think myself very happy that my conduct with regard to Mr C. has been such as has been agreeable to you Dear Madm & I hope I shall for the future continue to conform myself to your pleasure as I am perswaded I shall allways find my truest happiness in so doing.

My Dear Mama will not be surpriz’d to hear me say that it was with great reluctance I left Norwich, well indeed Madm does it deserve the name you gave it the Land of friendship but the most Friendly man in the world is certainly my Dear Pappa Wood & good Mrs Wood & Miss deserve to be his Wife & Daughter. I have not time to mention particulars must only say that our Friend[s] in general at Norwich have been very kind to me & that I expect to return home very quick tho I find this moving kind of Life pritty expensive.

Mr Stuckey[?] Tompson was so very genteel as to convey me to Walsham in his shay’s & pair, Mr Wood was so kind as to accompany me. We arriv’d there the 6 of Oct went to Bury Fair on the 7th there I believe I may venture to say with equal reluctance on both sides we parted with good Mr Wood. I have had a very kind Letter from him sence which I intend to answer the first opportunity. The time ^is^ fixt for our Cambridge Journey.

Mr & Mrs Prentice & myself set out from hence on Friday ye 31 of Oct. That Day we spend at Bury & the next Nov. ye 1 hope to arive at Cambridge. It hapens a little unluckily that it should be Saturday night but no other time woud suit Mr Bentiers engagments

Mr & Mrs Prentice propose to goe to Huntin[g]ton & would take me with them if I went directly to Northampton, but as I do not I should have a long stay to make at Cambridge. I cou’d propose to goe to Mr Purchases on the Saturday night because I think it will not be so convenient to them. Whether I shall be there on the Monday or Tuesday I cannot determine but one of the two it will Certainly be if nothing unforseen prevents.

Since I wrote the above I recolect on saying all things together it is more than possible there will not be time for you Madm to write to Mr Jones before we r[ea]ch Cambridge. I therfor think it will be best for me to write a line to Mrs Purchus to aquaint her with our Intention of being at Cambridge &c.

I have taken the very first opportunity of writing as I did not receive my Dear Mamas Letter till Sabbath Day (Oct. ye 1) on Monday Mr & Mrs P. & myself went to dine with a Lady who prevail’d on us to stay all night from thence we went to Eauson [Euston] a Seat of the Duke of Graftons & did not return home till late last night. This afternoon we have Company & spent the Evening so that I fear it will be impossible for me to write to my Dear Sisters at this time which is no small mortification to me. I beg my most affectionate Love to them & beg they will not take it Ill as I would have wrote if it had been possible.

Mr & Mrs Prentice desire their Compliments, they are very obliging to me & I pass my time here very agreably. I thank God I am in perfect Health & Spirits but a little mortified that in all probability it will be the the 11th of Nov. before I shall reach Northampton I beg my Compts to the Dr & Mrs Stonhouse for thair obliging Invitation to take up my Lodging at Chester.

Adieu my Dearest Mama. The Company is come I must go down but permit me first to subscribe myself

Dear Madm

Your ever Dutiful & Obedient

` Polly Doddridge

Address: To | Mrs Doddridge | in | Northampton

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