Hymn XII.

My Saviour and my God,

Thy love has ransom’d me;

And plunging in the crystal flood,

I follow thee.

I see thee in the grave

A breathless captive lay:

I see thee burst the bars of Death,

And soar away.

Hail! mighty victor, hail!

Thy rising fame I sing;

Thy conqu’ring arm shall still prevail,

My god and King.

With thee to sin I die:

With thee to life I rise;

And soon with thee shall mount on high,

To endless joys.

Come, saints, adore your god,

See where on high he reigns:

You are the purchase of his blood.

In joyful strains,

O sing his worthy name:

Let heaven and earth resound,

Salvation to the bleeding Lamb,

With glory crown’d.

Text: Maria de Fleury, Hymns for Believers' Baptism (London: printed by W. Justins, Albion’s Buildings, Bartholomew-Close; and sold at the Rev. Mr. Kirkham’s Meeting-house, Red-Cross-Street, near Cripplegate, London, 1786), pp. 18-19.