1750 [early]

5. Mary (Polly) Doddridge, [Northampton], to her sister Mercy, [probably still at Worcester], early in 1750. [f. 13]

I bleive my Dear Sister thinks it very long sense she heard from me inded I can’t tell how it came about I did intend to have sent you the whole history of [H]adden when I was thare but I forgot to take with me pens & papper tho I believe I might have been supplid with those materials but nothing either remarkable or entertainen hapend except that thair are no chickens thare this year to make amands for that Defeshency I shall send you an account of your Domestick affairs at home I shall begin with your Bird who not have^i^ng ^been supplied^ with what was necesery for his subsistence or being so greivd for the absence of his good Mrs was not able to support under it & made his excite [exit] the same night you left us as for your pidgens I hope to give you a better account of them thay are all [in] good health & spirits & send their Sirvice to & will be very glad to see you again except one which I think you used to call beauty met with an untimely Death but by what unhappy accident I know not I bleive I forgot to tell you I have got a tame Rabbit which I believe teel we have the pleasure to see you & Dr Miss Ekins I hope will afford you some entertainment as he is extreamly unluckey he sends his best services to you [G]reaty is well & send[s] her service to you [P]unch has been very ill but is finelly recoverd black Cloey is well thay all Join in service to you I think you have made great [progress] with your Stool I beg the favour of you to accept of a lace I would not have scent you so very trifelen a present but the largeness of my Domestick family makes me very poor. I suppose my Dr Mamma has informd you that my Dr Pappa is well so I shall say nothing on the subject my cousin1 sends her service to you & will write ye first opportunity I only add that I am my

Dear Sister

Most Affectionate

Polly Doddridge

Pray my Dear Sister of a bit of ribbon which Celia sends you

Address: To my Dear Sister Mercy

Postmark: none

Note on Address page: Sister Polly 1749 [appears to be Mercy's hand (the daughter) and is from 1750]

1 Mary Doddridge, Philip Doddridge's cousin, appears to be living with the Doddridges in Northampton by this date.