10 October 1753

42. Mercy “Cleora” Doddridge, Daventry, to Mary “Belinda” Doddridge, Northampton, 10 October 1753. [f. 65]

Daventry Oct 10 Wednesday

Morning 11 oClock

how much my Dearest have you oblig’d me by your yesterdays Charming Letter. Happy indeed are you Madm who can with so little trouble entertain & please your friends but still Happier your Cleora to be rank’d in that number.

I thought your Letter would have had a bad effect on Little [Sappas?] intelects when I read your Consenting paragraph never did I see actions expressive of more sincere Joy. We should be all so happy so merry she said. & then as if anticipating the pleasure she Danc’d she sung then flew about the roome & seemd indeed quite in her eliment.

I say nothing of Mrs S [Sturges] as she sais she intends writing herself & sais she wont write trust me tho indeed she might, for to say the truth not one of them all longs more impatiently to see you than your polly. I wish my Dearest you could come on Friday as then we might return return so much the sooner & perhaps have an opportunity of worsening our pritty Scheme which I cant give up without some regrett, tho I give the preffiance greatly to the Daventry one. as for all the rest doe but come to me & we will then settle it.

You have oblig’d me greatly by your inteligence from Glasgow, how agreeable it was to me I have you to guess, tho I will for once say that I have not heard a line of news these many many month[s] that has given me so much Joy.

I suppose Mamma will be set out for St Albans before this reaches you if not I beg you will give my most affectionate Duty to her & my best wishes that her Journey is agreeable & advantagous to her Health.

I waited on Miss Floyd yesterday she inquired after you & all our Family very Obligingly. She has had a Cold of wh she is not quite recoverd. Mrs & Mr Floyd & Miss Mot (you guess why I cant spell the name) are all well. Adieu my Dearest Belinda

till I have the Joy to see you I am your impatient but most affectionate


my kind love to Dear Celia who we shall be all be very glad to see here

my compts to Mr Neal & all Mrs Clarks family & kind love to Dear Betsy if Mamma is not gone

once more Adieu

Yours intirly

The inconvenience wch so large an addition to her Family will we fear occasion however as you are so kind as to Desire to see, we cant withstand, the agreeable Tempar.

Address: To | Miss Doddridge | in | Northampton

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Note on address page: Oct 10 | 1753