7 February 1791

E. Hopkins, Alcester, to Miss Rebecca Hopkins, at Mr. Sings, Jun., Lower Town, Bridport, [Sunday] 7 February 1791.

Alcester Feb 7th 1791.

I am fearful my dear Rebecca will think herself slighted by a silence which has however been quite involuntary I fully design’d writing last Thursday & have announced the Events of the preceeding day but was prevented Friday & Saturday tho some but to day I am determined if possible to remove your apprehensions & assure you of my continued Remembrance---Wednesday we attended your dear Sister & M.r P. to the Altar of Hymen & compleated their present Felicity may the Return of that day & every succeeding one be replete with Happiness to them & their Friends is the sincere wish of every friendly Heart---& of none more than mine---but you will probably expect a more particular Account of the Events of the Day we meet before eight M.r Rookes attended in due Time & after drinking a Cup of Chocolate proceeded to Church as little Noticed as could be wish’d the important Ceremony ended we return’d to Breakfast & about half past 10 set out for Mosely your d.r Father & myself truly happy in the pleasing Prospect of the future Felicity of the young People went to the Portway & after partaking of Cake & Negus with our best wishes took our leave & return’d to dinner your Brother & cousin Joshua accompanied them to Mosely where our Common Fr.ds Mr & Mrs Harwood received them with every Mark of affectionate Friendship & about 4 oclock attended them to their destined Habitation in Pauls [?] & here my detail must end as we have heard only that they arrived in Safety but are favor’d with no Particulars since.---

Our dear M.rs Sings Letter & yours since removed a considerable Degree of Anxiety from our Minds by the pleasing Account of her dear Sophias better Health we hope every unfavorable Symptom is removed & with that the Fears & apprehensions of the tender Parents if the Cough shd still continue I hope Mrs S will be prevailed upon to try changes of Air when the weather is better I cannot but hope a Journey to Alcester will not only be agreeable but beneficial to both & I shd be happy to see them at any Time we look round as in vain for our late Family Circle which is greatly reduced indeed, Eliza & Joshua alone remain we regret your Absence most as the Occasion was a painful one but that removed you will I hope enjoy much Pleasure in your Sisters society had you been at home the painful Account I have recd of the state of my dr Steele’s Health who is now at Bath would have induced me to wish to visit her as I much fear I shall never se her more in this World but as Circumstances forbid I endeavor to reconcile myself to Absence from one so very deservedly dear to me. Oh may infinite Goodness avert the dreadful stroke & still spare her valuable Life I expect to hear again to day how she in the last intelligence [?evicted? united?] the most tender alarms---excuse my mentioning this it is a subject which Occupies my Mind nor can I wish [to] quit it till Hope with balmy wing extends her salutary Influence & awaken more pleasing Ideas---your d.r Father unites with me in kindred Love to your d.r Sister & Brother & the sweet little Sophia let me hear from you soon & be assur’d I am yours affectionately

E Hopkins

Uncle Aunt Cousins Brother & Sister desire Love to each

Text: Pearce Family Collection, F. P. C. D55, Angus Library, Regent's Park College, Oxford.