5 October 1752

33. Mercy “Cleora” Doddridge, Northampton, to Mary “Belinda” Doddridge, at the Tozers, Billiter Square, London, 5 October 1752. [f. 47]

You must know my Dear it is washing week & I am as you may suppose very Busy being alone in the Landry, but I am sure it must have been quite inexcusable had that or anything else been given as an excuse for not retur[n]ing my Dear & much Lov’d Belinda my most sincere & cordial thanks for her last most obliging & acceptable Favour which I receiv’d last night, tho I must tell you Madm I’m not a little displeas’d at your apologey for sending it by the Post. Does my Dear Girl think me so very sordid as ever to be willing to give up the pleasure of hearing of her health & happiness, for such a Triffle indeed indeed my Love you don’t do me Justis if you think so meanly of me but no more of this

but I must not forget that I have another & in one respect that I assure you a very important one viz that its longer. This is what makes it in my opinon still more Charming than that I before mentiond. I am extreamly glad if my letters aforded you the lest pleasure, but your goodness makes you say much more of them than they desire I hope. I need not tell you how much your Friendly & ever agreeable Epistles contribute to my Felicity & how much thay find to soften the pain your absence gives me.

my Time is very short & what is much worse I my self more if (possible) more stupid than usal but I know your goodness will take it as it is & it gives me no little joy to hear think that no Creature but your self sees one word of what I write & that I imagin your Ladyship has no time to Criticise. I am vastly glad you have seen your belov’d Mrs Pringle but must tell you I’m not half satisfid with what you say of [this] incomprable woman I beg you’ll send me a more particular account of her when you write next.

I must now bid you an unwilling Adieu but hope to write again before it be very long

Farewell may you be Happy is the Constant wish of

My Dearest Belinda

your owne Sencir


Northn Oct. I don’t know what 1752 pray burn this as soon as read

Address: To | Miss Doddridge | at Mr Toziers Mercht | in Billiter Square | London

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