Hymn XXXI.

Encouragement for Sinners to come to Christ, under the first Work of the Spirit.

You that through Fear distress are,

That feel the Guilt of Sin;

That see the Depth of Nature’s Filth,

And loath the State you ’re in.

Poor Soul give ear, and Jesus hear,

He speaks unto thy Case;

He in no wise will such despise,

That seek to him for Grace.

H’ has promis’d not to cast thee out,

If thou to him dost come;

Whate’er thy Sin Time past has been,

Thou’lt find there yet is Room.

Then come from Sin, and enter in

To Christ, thy hiding Place,

And thou shalt live, and ever give,

High Praises to Free Grace.

Text: Anne Dutton, Hymns Composed on Several Subjects. With an Alphabetical Table. Affixed to Dutton’s A Narration of the Wonders of Grace in Verse (London: Printed for, and sold by the Author, in the year 1734), pp. 104-05.

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