(fl. 1630-63)

Sutton, Katherine (fl. 1630-63), Baptist writer of prose and hymns who at some point in the 1650s Sutton became a member of Hansard Knollys’s congregation (probably during his time in Lincolnshire) and emigrated with him and other members of his congregation to Rotterdam in 1660. Knollys returned to England in 1664, but not before assisting Sutton in publishing in Rotterdam A Christian Woman’s Experiences of the Glorious Working of God’s Free Grace, Published for the Edification of Others, a spiritual autobiography interspersed with a small collection of hymns (what she describes as extemporaneous, spirit-led effusions) composed between 1655 and 1662. Knollys wrote the Introduction to Sutton’s work, noting that her words had been the ‘effectual means of the conversion of many’, a public avowal of her self-professed gifts of singing, prayer, and prophesying, much like Anna Trapnel. For more on Sutton, see Ian Mallard, "The Hymns of Katherine Sutton," Baptist Quarterly 20.1 (1963/64), 23-33. For the complete text of A Christian Woman's Experiences, click here.