January 1753

36. Mercy “Cleora” Doddridge, [Northampton], to her sister, Mary Doddridge, [at the Tozers, Billiter Square, London], January 1753. [f. 72]

Jan ye 8 17523

Long very long do I think it scence I wrote to my Dear Sister Merry [sic] & I have now to add this additional Mortification of not having scarce a moments time to thank her for all the pleasure & Entertainment her ever agreeable Letters gave me greatly indeed my Dear do I think my self oblig’d to you for every Line of your Charming Epistles, nor must I forget my best thanks of the Lamp Lighters Poem which I realy think a very extrodnary proformance.

but I must now begin about Business which is this that your Ladiship would be so obliging as to secure the watch you mention in your last for MrsSchoefield Momma would have been glad to have had it for Brother but he is provided with one from Sallop. You will be pleased to have the money of Mr Jackson to pay for it & Mama will receive it of Mr S. here. The wather with us is extravgently Cold & indeed my Hands are so numb that I am scarce feel my Pen

pray my Dear when you write next tell me how Mrs Jannons [Jennings] does & when she lies in if you know. Mrs Rye was brought to bed of a Son last week Ld Ann is bad very indeed & sees no company.

Depend upon it my Dear I will write to you again as soon as possible but must now leave you which belive me I doe with great regret

Adieu ever yours


all our Comps to Mr & Mrs T[o]zer. I long to see you when will come home

Address: To | Miss Doddridge

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