Hymn IV.


To thee, my God, I hourly sigh,

But not for golden stores;

Nor covet I the brightest gems

On the rich eastern shores.


Nor that deluding empty joy,

Men call a mighty name;

Nor greatness in its gayest pride,

My restless thoughts inflame.


Nor pleasure’s soft enticing charms

My fond desires allure;

For greater things than these from thee

My wishes would secure.


Those blissful, those transporting smiles

That brighten heav’n above,

The boundless riches of thy grace,

And treasures of thy love.


These are the mighty things I crave;

O! make these blessings mine,

And I the glories of the world

Contentedly resign.

Text: Poems on Several Occasions (London: E. Dudley [and seven others], 1778), pp. 76-77.