Future Happiness, A Support under Afflictions. 1797

While cares unnumber’d round me press,

Fain would my spirit find,

Some kind, some gently healing balm,

To ease my anxious mind.

Fondly and eager I pursue

Some fresh delusive bliss;

The airy phantom mocks my grasp,

And flies my fond embrace!

Oh! tis in vain the weary mind

Thus seeks for Peace below:

Her sweet abode is never found

Amid the scenes of woe!

But there’s a world to which I haste,

Where woes were never known;

Where Peace and Joy eternal bloom,

Around my Father’s throne!

Still as I tread Life’s rugged path,

And heave the anxious sigh;

My soul shall there her comfort find,

My hopes be fix’d on high!

No more the lab’ring heart shall beat,

With heavy laden sighs;

Nor tears of sad Repentance there,

Swim in the Mourner’s eyes.

There every thought, refin’d from sin,

In harmony shall move;

And all my passions sweetly glow

With warm adoring Love!

With God, my Father, I shall dwell,

And feel his pard’ning grace;

Shall join the saints in sweetest praise

Who see him face to face!

His smile shall raise my drooping soul,

With long-lorn cares opprest;

While as I lean my weary head,

On my Redeemer’s breast!

Oh! Hope Divine! Ye cares begone!

Be hush’d the anguish’d sigh!

All my desires and hopes are lost,

In this--Eternity!

Text: Poems, on Moral and Religious Subjects. London: Printed by C. Stower. Hatton Garden; sold by H. D. Symonds 20, Paternoster-Row; Mrs. Gurney, Holborn; E. Vidler, 349, Strand; Hanwell and Parker, Oxford, and Bacon, Norwich, 1803), pp. 93-95.