Association Hymn

Mixed with the shout, “Our God our king,”

When he resumed his throne,

Messiah heard his armies sing,

“The nations are thine own.”

What song so sweet could heaven have found,

To hail him on her shores;

Uplifting at the trumpet’s sound,

The everlasting doors.

Sing then, O Earth, o’er whom he reigns,

Thou Earth for whom he died,

There should be rapture in thy strains,

To angel harps denied.

But joy hath lost its native grace,

On man’s unhallowed tongue;

Till Jesus teach his captive race,

The ransomed sinner’s song.

Then Saviour let thine empire swell,

Thy truth a deluge flow;

Like ocean sweep o’er buried hell,

Nor ebb of glory know.

O bring the kingdoms to thy feet,

Till we their praises hear;

In one vast echo, loud as sweet,

Roll round the solid sphere.


Baptist Magazine, 1 (December 1809), pp. 509-10; Whelan, Nonconformist Women Writers, vol. 5, pp. 97-98.