19 November 1767

62. Celia Doddridge, at the Hirons' in St. Albans, to her mother, Mercy Doddridge, [most likely at the Rev. Mr. Thomas's, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire], 19 November 1767. [f. 9]

Dear Madam

I am much obliged to you for your Last kind Letter which I need not say made me very happy as it it inform’d me of the health of my Dear Mamma & Sister which I am shuer must allways give me great pleasure

Mr & Mrs P are not yet come to Mrs H[’s] very great disapintment as she was in expictation of seeing them almost all last week & did not hear from her till Last Mounday when she sent Mrs Hirons word that she did not entend whating upon her till Friday sennit, which [I] am very ^glad^ off as I can now stay with satsfaction to my selfe & without anny sort of inconvinance to Mrs Hirons so that I don’t think of going to Daventry till that time & hope to have the pleasure of hearing from my Dear Mamma before that time & shold be very glad to know what you wold please to have her give Mrs Hiron’s servant. Mrs Hill & Abney was hear last Monday I don’t hear that that thay was at Mr H as thay only Din’d at Mrs Edwin’s so that we onlly seen them at a Distance Mr Taylor Calld upon Mr H for a very few minits: I sopose you Madam know that Mrs Jenning[s] is gon to Bath Mr Lister who was hear yesterday told me ^she^ had to set out to Day I have the pleasur to let you Madam know that Mrs Burkitt was brought to bed of a very fine Gal the 4 of this month & that she is as will or better then can be expected Mr B who was so kind as to wright ^let me know^ & desired me to me to give his best respects to my Dear Mamma & Sister

pray has Mrs Griffith wrote to you latly if she [h]as shold be very glad to know how she dos for Mrs H has not heard but once from her sence she [h]as be[en] gon I sopose she is so very much taken up that she cannot find time to wrigh[t]1

Mr & Mrs Grigg desier thear compliments to my Dear Mama & Sister Mrs G is much as she was when I wrote last she as the present with her a very agreeable Laday which she brought with her from Bister one Miss [Sasons?]

I had the pleasure of hearing from my Sister on Munday sennight she says she is well as she generly is wich I am very ^glad^ off [sic] I sopose Madam you offen hear from Mrs Stonhouse should be very glad to know she & her family does whe[n] you are so kind as to write next which I hope will be soon Mrs & MrHiron’s desire their kindest compliments I beg my kind Love to my Dear Sister

& am Dear Madam your Dutyfull daughter

Celia Doddridge

I beg the faver of you Madam when you wright to Mrs Burkitt to thaink Mr B for the kind letter he was so good as to send me

Nov the 19 67

Address: none

Postmark: none

Note on the address page: none

1 Elizabeth Clark Griffiths, who was recently married to Ralph Griffiths, the London bookseller and publisher. See above, Letter 60.