Miscellaneous Manuscript Material Relating to the Doddridge Family

Among these documents are statements about books belonging to Mercy Doddridge, including one from Caleb Ashworth, Principal of the Daventry Academy; a note about a leaf of the Family Expositor that belonged to Joseph Angus; a printed announcement for subscriptions to the Family Expositor in 1751, signed by Doddridge; some sermon notes and a hymn by Doddridge in shorthand; and a previously unknown letter by the novelist, Elizabeth Hamilton, from 1803 that mentions her friendship with Mercy Doddridge, the daughter.

1. Elizabeth Hamilton, 11 Russell Street Bath, to Mrs. Thomas Smith, Bownham House, near Hampton, Gloucestershire, 25 October 1803.

2. Note from 1752 by Caleb Ashworth, Daventry, concerning Mercy Doddridge.

3. A leaf from Doddridge’s Family Expositor.

4. Advertisements for Subscriptions to Doddridge's Family Expositor.

5. Two books from the library of Mercy Doddridge.

6. MS. sermon notes in shorthand until title, “Ministers comforted themselves that they may comfort others.” No. 944. Text is from 2 Corinthians 1.4. Also a MS. hymn by Doddridge, also in shorthand. MS dated from Northampton, January 22, 1742/3. [Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library, Simon Gratz Collection 250B, Box 86, Folder 12.]