Selected Poems of

Maria de Fleury

For commentary on the poetry of Maria de Fleury, read the Introduction below. For more on the life of Maria de Fleury, click here for her entry in the Biographical Summaries. For her complete bibliography, click here; for her published 1787 letter to William Huntington, click here; for her final pamphlet on Huntington's antinomianism, click here; for a selection of her hymns, click here; for her entry in the Women Booksellers portion of this site, click here. see also Timothy Whelan, ‘“For the Hand of a Woman, has levell’d the Blow”: Maria de Fleury’s Pamphlet War with William Huntington, 1787–1791’, Women’s Studies, 36 (2007), 431–54; idem, "Maria de Fleury: Baptist Poet and Polemicist, 1780-1792," in The British Particular Baptists 1638-1910, vol. 5, ed. Michael A. G. Haykin (Springfield, MO: Particular Baptists Press, 2019), 251-91.