Elizabeth Ivimey, 1842

Elizabeth Gratwick, a widow, married Joseph Ivimey in 1830; she was Ivimey’s third wife. Ivimey (1773-1834) pastored the Baptist church at Eagle Street, London, from 1805 until his death in 1834. As this brief letter makes clear, women like Elizabeth Ivimey were not prohibited from speaki ng at meetings (possibly a church meeting but more likely a Society meeting).

Elizabeth Ivimey, 19 Great Coram Street, Brunswick Square, London, to [Joseph Angus, Baptist Mission House, London], 29 September 1842.

E Ivimey

19 Great Coram Street

Brunswick Square

Sepr 29—1842

My dear Sir

Several friends to whom I spoke at the close of our meeting last night, expressed a desire to have copies of the letters which were read by Mr Clarke, and as I think they would be generally interesting to all who feel a desire for the enlargement of the Redeemer’s Kingdom, especially in Western Africa, I venture to suggest the propriety of having them printed, with a short heading, stating the previous character of the Individual and the circumstance of his having received elementary instruction in reading and writing at Cape Coast Castle, under the superintendence of missionaries (I suppose though not of our denomination) I think they would find a ready sale, and the prospects would add a little to the Jubilee Fund.

Trusting that you will pardon the liberty I have taken in giving this hint, and praying that the efforts made by you and all who are engaged in the great work of sending the Gospel to those who are “sitting in darkness,” may be owned and blessed by Him who has declared that “His word shall not return unto Him void.” I remain my dear sir

Yours respectfully

in Christian bonds

Elizh Ivimey

Should you act on my suggestion I shall feel pleasure in promoting the sale as far as in my power.

Text: Methodist Archives, MAW, Box 39 (BMS 1488), John Rylands University Library of Manchester; Timothy Whelan, ed., Baptist Autographs in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 1741-1845 (Macon: Baptist History Series, Mercer University Press, 2009, pp. 255-56.