Hymn LXI.

The Blessedness of Saints at home with Christ.

The Saints in Light, how blest are they!

How vast their endless Bliss!

When once by Death dismiss’d from Clay,

They see Christ as he is.

They’ve done with Sin, that Conflict’s o’er,

By Hell they’re not opprest;

They’re try’d by Providence no more,

But fully are at rest.

It’s Jesus’ Will, that his should be

For ever where he is,

That they his Glory great might see,

To consummate their Bliss.

The Saints that are at home with Christ,

They hunger shall no more;

Nor shall they pained by with Thirst,

As they had been before.

No persecution Sun-like Heat,

These happy Ones shall smite;

Nor any Trial, small or great,

Shall once upon them light.

For why? The Lamb i’ th’ midst o’ th’ Throne,

Shall feed them constantly;

To living Fountains lead each one,

To drink abundantly.

And as for Tears, those former Things,

God wipes them all away;

Death’s the last Night, then, lo, there springs

A bright, eternal Day!

A glorious Day, while Saints remain

Above, in separate State;

A Day, when Jesus comes again,

In Glory far more great;

And yet a Day of rising Bliss,

When Time shall folded be;

God All in All to Christ and his,

Unto Eternity.

Dear Saints, that dwell in Tents of Clay,

Fear not to be releast;

But long to be with Christ always,

Since it so far is best!

Text: Anne Dutton, Hymns Composed on Several Subjects. With an Alphabetical Table. Affixed to Dutton’s A Narration of the Wonders of Grace in Verse (London: Printed for, and sold by the Author, in the year 1734), pp. 138-39.

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