[Zion is God’s precious plant]

Of the glorious working of Gods free grace.

This was November the 20. in the Year 1656.


ZION is God’s precious plant,

The Lord will watter it every day:

O! Zion is God’s holy one,

It shall not whet her nor decay.


Zion is that fenced well,

A Tower that none shall throw down:

O! Zion is that glorious hold,

That God will keep both safe and sownd.


Zion is that pleasant Plant,

That God will hedg about each hour;

O! Zion is Gods heritage,

And he will keep it by his power.


Therefore let not thy heart now faint,

For Zions sake hold not thy peace;

For our God will hear Zions Plaint;

Therefore give thy God now no rest,

Till thou with Zion he hath blest.


Let Zion know her time drawes near,

She may look up now without fear:

Let Zion know her God doth live,

That hath her portion for to give.


Let Zions Children now rejoyce,

And lett them praises sing:

O! let them lift up pleasant voyce,

In honnor to their King.


Let Zion know her God is true,

That will her mercies now renew,

She shall receive great things from him,

Who is her glory, and her King.


Althoug[h] afflictions should hold on,

And troubles should arise;

Yet God will own his precious one,

Their prayers hee’ll not despise.


Our King shall reigne in righteousness,

His glory shall shine forth;

He will come forth in judgment then,*

For his poor saints comfort.


Our King shall reign in glory then,

He shall himself come up,

His ennemies then shall fall with speed

And be made but a puf[f].


Then let my people quiet sit,

And wait on him with joy:

There is a time drawes near at hand,

Nothing shall them Anoy.

Text: A Christian Woman’s Experiences of the Glorious Working of God’s Free Grace (Rotterdam: Henry Goddeus, 1663), p. 43.