Elizabeth Omer Delahoy 

Imprint History (28 total) for Elizabeth Omer Delahoy (1784-1867), from the Albion Printing Office [Albion Press], Deptford Bridge and Greenwich, 1812-22

Elizabeth Omer Delahoy (1784-1867) was the daughter of John Omer, a cheesemonger and member at  John Townsend’s Independent congregation in Jamaica Row, Bermondsey (the Omers were previously Huguenots). In 1805 John Omer opened a circulating library in Deptford on Butt Lane and later operated as a bookseller in Chatham c. 1813-26. He may also have sold as Townsend and Omer in Fleet Street in 1808 (the Townsend may have been his minister or his minister's son). James Delahoy (c. 1757-c. 1835) was a printer first at Blackfriars and sometime after 1785 at Deptford. His wife, Sophia, died in 1828. They appear to be Anglican (the children were all baptized into Anglican churches), but may have joined with a dissenting congregation at some point, for he published works by Andrew Burn, Thomas Wilson, and Timothy Priestley, including the latter's commentary on the Bible (Delahoy's address appeared on the volume's advertisements). Between 1786 and 1811 he and his son, James Delahoy, Jr. (1780-1812), appeared on 37 imprints from their location at 6 Deptford Bridge. In 1808 James Delahoy, Jr., married Elizabeth Omer (1784-1867). He continued to operate his father's business  until his untimely death in 1812, at which time Elizabeth assumed control of the Albion Printing Office in Deptford, operating from that location and in Greenwich at least through 1822, the year of her last imprint. During that time she published John Ryland’s Six Views of Believer’s Baptism in 1821, Philip Doddridge’s The Principles of the Christian Religion in 1820 (a work sold by Mrs. Cox at 39 High Street, Southwark, who appears to be another dissenting woman bookseller), and several sermons by William Chapman, minister at the Greenwich Road Chapel (Congregational), most likely the church she attended as well. 


1.  Chapman, William. [minister of Greenwich Road Chapel].  The Christian's triumphant transition: a sermon preached at the chapel, Greenwich Road, August 9, 1812, occasioned by the death of Mrs. Mary Beal, who suddenly departed this life early in the morning of July 26, 1812. Deptford Bridge: Printed and published by Eliz. Delahoy, and Sold by Maxwell; Conder; Swain; Omer, Chatham; Cole, Greenwich; and Warcup, Deptford, 1812.

2.  Chapman, William [minister of Greenwich Road Chapel]. The Christian's Triumphant Transition. A sermon ... occasioned by the death of Mrs. Mary Beal, etc.  Eliz. Delahoy: Deptford Bridge, 1812.



3.  Stanton, Henry. A faithful narrative of the wonderful and interesting history of the Greenwich miser, Mr. Thomas Hack, who though worth about one thousand pounds or upwards, in houses, money, plate, and various household effects, died in a workhouse, September 13, 1813, aged 80 ... [London]: Printed and sold for the author, by Eliz. Delahoy, 6, Deptford Bridge; W. and M.A. Massey, 106, Park Street, Grosvenor Square; Mitcham, 67, Whitechapel; and all other booksellers in the United Kingdom, 1813.

4.  The interesting memoirs of Thomas Hack, the celebrated Greenwich miser, (a well authenticated narrative,) who died in a workhouse, September 13, 1813, aged 80, though worth one thousand pounds!!! and upwards: having narrowly escaped being smothered in mud, the day before, at the Deptford Creek Bridge: to which is added the verdict of the coroner's inquest, the names of the jury, his funeral, and household effects:... With a short account of Mr. John Hack, the mole catcher!  Greenwich: Printed and published by Elizabeth Delahoy, Albion Printing Office, Deptford Bridge, [1813?].'


5.  Chapman, William. [minister of Greenwich Road Chapel].  Infant Baptism founded on Ancient Institution: a sermon, delivered at the baptism of Mary Anne Hawkes Collyer ... To which is prefixed an address, by the Rev. J. Brooksbank [and a preface by W.B. Collyer].  Elizabeth Delahoy: Deptford Bridge, 1814.



6. Kane, John. List of officers of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, as they stood in the year 1763, with a continuation to the present time ... with a list of the officers of the corps of Royal Artillery Drivers ... and of the officers of the Military Medical Department of the Ordnance, since 1763; with a list of the chief commissaries ...  Greenwich, printed by Elizabeth Delahoy, Albion Print. Office, 1815.


7. Miller, John Adam. The authentic narrative of J.A. Miller, the German prophet: with an account of the invisible army, which have both arisen in the Grand Dutchy of Baden, being an answer to the assertions of the "Times" newspaper, 1816-17. Greenwich: Printed by Elizabeth Delahoy and sold by the publisher, 1817. 

8. Webster, John, Chaplain in the Army. The Vail of the Covering spread over all Nations ... Revised and republished by a Disciple of Christ. Greenwich: E. Delahoy, 1817.


9.  Chapman, William. The fall of Babylon: a sermon designed to commemorate the third centenary of the glorious reformation from popery, delivered in Greenwich Road Chapel, Dec. 28th, 1817. London: Sold by Delahoy Deptford; Cole, Greenwich; Omer, Chatham; Hardcastle, Woolwich; Williams, Hamilton; Conder, and Byfield, London, 1818.

10. Scott, George [minister at Greenwich]. The voice of blood!: a sermon, occasioned by the late horrid murder of Mr. George Bird, (aged eighty-four), and Mary Simmons, his servant, delivered at Greenwich, on Lord's Day, February 15th, 1818. Greenwich: Printed by Eliz. Delahoy ..., 1818.

11. Chin, John. The compassion of Jesus Christ to children: exemplified in a dialogue, (founded on facts,) occasioned by the conversion and happy death of a child. [London]: Printed for the Walworth Religious Tract Society, by E. Delahoy ... Greenwich ; And sold by W. Whittemore ... W. Kent ... Nisbet ... G. Pollard ... and Davies ..., 1818.

12. Dallaway, R. C. Observations on the most important subjects of education ... chiefly intended for private governesses. Greenwich: E. Delahoy, 1818.

13. Dallaway, R. C. Observations on the Most Important Subjects of Education; containing many useful hints to mothers, but chiefly intended for private governesses ... The second edition, revised and corrected. Greenwich: E. Delahoy, 1818.

14. Smith, George Charles. The gale abated; or, An afflicted minister reviewing the horrors of a storm from an haven of rest and peace. London: Printed for D[aniel]. Cox, 39, High Street, Southwark, by Eliz. Delahoy, Greenwich, [between 1817 and 1821].

15. Addington, Henry [Viscount Sidmouth]. Warrant appointing commissioners and directors, for the management of the affairs of the Royal Naval Asylum. Greenwich [England]. Printed by Eliz. Delahoy, 1818.


16. Chapman, William. A poem on the death of the Princess Charlotte: Nov. 6th, 1817. Greenwich: Printed by Elizabeth Delahoy, 1819.


17. Baker, W. R. Redemption: a poem, in four parts. Greenwich: Printed by Elizabeth Delahoy, Deptford-Bridge, published by W. Whittemore, 62, Paternoster Row, and sold by all other Booksellers, 1820.

18. Doddridge, Philip. The principles of the Christian religion, expressed in plain and easy verse, and divided into short lessons for the use of children and youth ... Greenwich: Printed and sold by Eliz. Delahoy, and may be had also of Mrs. Cox, 1820.

19. Chapman, William. Divine dominion: a sermon [on Daniel ii. 26] delivered at Greenwich-Road Chapel, 16th February, 1820, on occasion of the death of His Excellent Majesty George III. Greenwich: Printed by Elizabeth Delahoy, 1820.

20.  On the death of His Majesty [a poem on one sheet] [Greenwich]: E. Delahoy, Albion Press, Greenwich, [1820].

21.  Jones, Arthur. The grace and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ: a Sermon ...  Greenwich: Elizabeth Delahoy, pr., 1820.

22.  Asaiah. A glance at the Rev. Mr Moore's pamphlet in defence of paedobaptism shewing that John's baptism was Christian baptism ... Greenwich: Printed and sold by Eliz. Delahoy, 1820.


23.Stroud, T. B. The elements of botany, physiological and systematical, to which is added a comprehensive dictionary of all terms used in that science. Either as trivial names or in vegetable delineation, analysis or arrangement. Greenwich: Printed for the author by Eliz. Delahoy, 1821.

24.Ryland, John. Six views of believers' baptism: I. As an act of sublime worship to the adorable persons in the Godhead. ... VI. As a lively figure of the natural death and of the resurrection of every Christian. Greenwich: Printed by E. Delahoy, Deptford-Bridge. Sold by the Printer: By George, Brick Lane, Spitalfields; by D[aniel]. Cox, Thomas's Street, Southwark; and may be had of the Baptist ministers through England, 1821.

25.Bicknell, John Laurens [the younger]. Psalms, selected for the service of the Church. By John Laurens Bicknell. Greenwich: Eliz. Delahoy, 1821.



26.Thirty guineas reward; whereas in the night of Monday the 9th instant, a cream coloured mare with white mane and switch tail and a white streak down the face, 14 1/2 hands high, and five years old, was stolen out of a stable at Kidbrooke, Blackheath, Kent. The person who is suspected of having stolen the above mare is named as John Coates, a native of Roxburghshire. Deptford Bridge: Printed by Eliz. Delahoy, (Albion Press), Deptford Bridge, [1822].

27. F. J., a real friend to the people. An address to the King: both Houses of Parliament, and all classes & sexes of His Majesty's subjects, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, shewing the various causes of the late & present distresses of trade, manufactories and agriculture ... Greenwich: Printed by E. Delahoy, Deptford Bridge; Sold by J. Wesley, Stationers’ Court Ludgate Hill; Hatchard and Son, 187 Piccadilly; J. M. Richardson, 32 Cornhill; The Printer [Delahoy]; and by all Booksellers and Newsmen in Town and Country, 1822.

28. Bicknell, John Laurens [the younger]. Murder: whereas Robert Smith, late of Deptford, shoe-maker, stands charged with the murder of his uncle, Mr. James Smith, of Lewisham ...  [London]: Printed by Eliz. Delahoy, (Albion Press,) Greenwich, where all business relative to robberies, losses, &c. is executed at an hour's notice, [1823].]