Hymn. Whom have I in heaven but thee? Psal. lxxiii. 25.


The calls of glory, beauty’s smiles

And charms of harmony,

Are all but dull, insipid things,

Compar’d, my God, with thee.


Without thy love I nothing crave,

And nothing can enjoy;

The proffer’d world I should neglect,

As an unenvied toy.


The sun, the num’rous stars, and all

The wonders of the skies,

If to be purchas’d with thy smiles,

Thou know’st I would despise.


What were the earth, the sun, the stars,

Or heav’n itself to me,

(My life, my everlasting bliss!)

If not secur’d of thee?


Celestial bow’rs,, seraphic songs,

And fields of endless light,

Wou’d all unentertaining prove,

Without thy blissful sight.

Text: Poems on Several Occasions (London: E. Dudley [and seven others], 1778), pp. 102-03.